April Grace Lowe is an award winning actor, writer, and producer. She has been working in voice over and narrating audiobooks since 2011 and has recorded a wide variety of genres but has a deep love for romance.

Born in Los Angeles, she moved to New York after receiving her BFA in performing from Southern Oregon University. There she started the production company Doubtless Dreamers with her creative partner and husband, Craig Jessen. In New York they focused on theater and in 2008 they moved to Los Angeles, where they began producing audiobooks and films. In 2013 they made the sci-fi feature A PROMISE OF TIME TRAVEL where April played Zelda. The film won several film festival awards (including Best Feature, Best Sci-Fi, Best Director, Best Actress, and Best of festival). April co-wrote their next feature film BEYOND METHUSELAH, which garnered even more awards (Including best feature, best director, audience choice award, best sci-fi, and best actress at film festivals all over the country). Her latest project CONFESSIONS OF A ROMANCE NARRATOR: JAW RECORDER is a film that showcases her comedic writing and acting skills. It is inspired by all her years recording romance audiobooks and she plays the main character, Jasalyn.

April’s gift as a storyteller is capturing the vulnerability and humanity that is so relatable to all of us. As an actress, she brings emotional depth, authenticity, and profound presence. As a writer, she bravely attacks the heart of a scene with honesty, specificity, and humor. As a producer, she is meticulous with an eye for detail while still keeping the big picture in mind. 

When April is not producing films, she is teaching storytelling and yoga to students at New Roads School. She teaches 6th grade through 12th grade. She credits her years in the classroom with giving her the ability to keep attention, be resourceful, and herd cats.